Wilson Force House In Historic Orenco Oregon   We are featuring each historic home in the Orenco area here at OrencoLife.com.  This page is dedicated to the Wilson Force Home located at the SW Corner of Chestnut and 230th Avenue in the Orenco Townsite.  This Mint Green beauty is one of the true Icons in old Orenco and has been owned by very few people.  It was built in 1909 and was designed and erected by the same men who built the Orenco (Oregon Nursery Company) founders.  It is about 2,000 SF and features some ornate trim, gorgeous rafter tails, and classic Bungalow built in cupboards.

The Wilson-Force House, 1909, is one of the finest remaining examples of the Bungalow Arts and Crafts style of homes here that grace our streets in Old Orenco and it will be sold in 2017.

This is Craftsmen Bungalow with front and back porches, a full basement, and 5 BR and 3 Baths.  The home was owned by Clifford and Doris Force for the past 60 plus years and is being put for sale in 2017.

Read the Cultural Inventory sheet on this home.  Thanks to the Force family for taking such good care of their home and for the people of Orenco who they were good neighbors too all these years!

Historic Wilson Force Home Orenco Oregon