The Mincemoyer property located on the corner of NW 231st Avenue and Baseline Road was originally 12 Acres. RA Mincemoyer bought the property in 1909 from the Oregon Nursery Company and proceeded to build a beautiful home and Barn as well as a carriage home and a couple of cottages and other buildings.  Along the banks of Rock Creek he and his family lived for many years before selling the property to Colonel Ring who resided there as well.  The Property is widely known as Ring’s Hill.  In 2015 it came to my attention that the buildings were all being torn out for 12 new homes to go in.  Being the end of an era I approached Riverside Homes who owns the land and asked for their permission to get to the barn and try and save as much material as we possibly can.  The wood in this grand building is great.  So it is that we are starting to take the wood out of the building and boy is it nice!  We plan to reuse as much of this wood as we can in the Orenco Community.  If you have an interest in purchasing the wood at a very reasonable cost and have a use for it we can consider that.  Email Dirk at for a call back and please explain your intended use.  Thank you!


Dirk Knudsen (Bottom) was raised in Orenco and above him in the loft of the old Orenco barn is Dan Bloom who resides on Knudsen’s childhood property in Orenco. The two of them are committed to saving the Barn materials for reuse in the community.


Steve and Heidi Mead

Steve Mead and his wife Heidi will take the main barn doors and rebuild them and use them up at the 150 year old Mead Farm up above Manning, Oregon West of the Orenco area but close – the doros will become and interior feature of the Mead’s Home and we could not be happier.


One of the best things I have ever done and this is a Win for all involved.  Glad I was able to make it all happen –


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